Hello! Welcome to the home of Tangostafford.

Geoff and Pauline are Argentine Tango addicts who have spent the last fourteen years studying the dance intensively and are now  developing Stafford and surrounding areas as a centre of excellence for traditional salon style tango as danced in Buenos Aires. We accept that this may take quite a few years.

This dance has no parallel. Leaders and followers learn to connect with their partners and to be sensitive to every movement they make. Practice improves balance and coordination, mental agility, fitness, confidence, happiness and health.

Tango can be quite challenging to start with but those who stick with it often find that it is life changing.

Dancers do not need to arrive with a partner. This is a social dance where dancing with different partners is encouraged - but not forced.

Whether you are a beginner or have some experience, we  look forward to welcoming you to our events: workshops and private lessons and our dances soon.

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