About Us

We have always danced but after discovering tango fourteen years ago, it sort of took over our lives. We have spent much of our time travelling throughout the UK, Europe and Argentina studying the dance intensively under some of the best teachers in the world.

In Britain our formative teachers have included Biljana Lipic, Fernando Guida (Vida de Tango), Attilla Ting (Tango Cheshire) and Isolde Kanikani (www.Cielito.nl).

Abroad our mentors have included Gisella Navoni (Tangoneta), Graciela y Osvaldo (Barcelona); Gustavo Benzecry Saba and Maria Olivera; and Julio Balmaceda and Corinna de la Rosa (Buenos Aires).

Every year, we spend three months in Buenos Aires, the Mecca of

tango where we hone our dancing and teaching skills.

We believe that primarily, tango is a social dance to be engaged in as a partner and as a member of a whole dance floor. At its heart it is improvised with neither partner thinking any further ahead than the musical phrase, what space is available around you and what your partner is capable of doing.

For many years Stafford has been a tango desert. We have had to travel extensively to develop and to enjoy the dance and we are now seeing this dance available to people around this area. We are now beginning to see the signs of this emerging through a healthy tango community developing through a network of tango societies in the surrounding area - (see other venues).

We each bring professional careers in teaching and lecturing and mentoring teachers and lecturers to complement our dancing skills. Tango is not an easy dance to master: no matter how long they have studied it, no-one ever feels they have learnt everything about the dance; and so we aim to consider the different ways in which people learn as central to our teaching strategy. In our classes, students should hear what we are trying to teach, see examples of what it looks like, and experience with feedback their own bodies learning new skills. We aim to show students that tango is both pleasurable and challenging to learn and to dance.



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